Marine and Maritime Forensic Investigations

Whether it’s a complex international shipping incident or a recreational boating accident, maritime-related litigation is rarely simple. With a multitude of stakeholders and contributing factors, each case demands a thorough understanding of the intricacies of maritime law and operations.

ATA Associates’ team of maritime experts brings decades of experience to the table, adeptly employing reconstruction techniques and other investigative methodologies to unravel the complexities of maritime incidents. We delve into the hazards, dangerous conditions, causation, notice, and standards of care that underpin these cases.

Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of maritime domains, including:

With ATA Associates at your helm, you can navigate the turbulent waters of maritime litigation with confidence. Our team of experts will provide the insights and expertise you need to secure a favorable outcome.

Marine incident investigation involves selected accidents on or under the navigable inland waters of the United States, and accidents involving US-flagged vessels that occur beyond US waters.

ATA Associates has decades of experience dealing with marine issues and has an established team of qualified experts in:

ATA offers cutting-edge technology in maritime incident investigations. ATA Associates’ Marine Team is committed to delivering in-depth understanding and support in all matters concerning PWCs.

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