The ATA Technology Center: Advanced Testing Facilities & Equipment

Discover advanced testing, inspection, and reconstruction support at the ATA Technology Center. Spanning 15,000 square feet, this cutting-edge facility features an overhead crane, vehicle lift, electrical amenities, shop air, exceptional lighting, and a comprehensive array of tools and equipment. Ensuring a clean, safe, secure, and environmentally controlled workspace, the ATA Technology Center is unique in its capabilities.

Within this state-of-the-art facility, our dedicated team collaborates with intellectual resources, utilizing advanced tools and equipment to support testing, analysis, accident reconstruction, graphics, and video production. The ATA Technology Center offers an optimal environment for both customers and staff, fostering engagement in a diverse range of unique technical activities.

High-Bay Laboratory

This facility houses equipment critical to handling items for inspection, tests, and precise technical analyses:

Fabrication Shop

The fabrication shop is equipped with wood and metal working tools and machinery for fabricating unique testing mechanisms, test jigs, instrumentation mounts, and demonstrative scale models.

Engineering & Analysis Laboratory

The engineering and analysis lab is equipped to perform computer analyses, electrical component testing, limited small-scale flammability and fluids testing, and instrumentation procedures. A sampling of resources includes:

Video / Graphics Lab

Our video, graphic and animation division provides complete services to support litigation and commercial applications. High-resolution digital video and photography and full editing capability for digital productions are but a few of the key features of our graphics department.

Imaging and media integration software is consistently maintained with current, emerging technologies, such as photogrammetry, surveillance video analysis, and 3D scanning, modeling and animation. Additionally, our staff uses drones and a 3D printer as a regular part of our workflow, expanding our case presentation capabilities.

Additional Specialized Equipment

In addition to the particular lab specific equipment discussed previously, ATA has a number of versatile equipment items that can be used in the field as well as in the laboratory. Some examples follow.

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