The ATA Back To Basics Process

Accidents happen fast, but evidence disappears even faster. The lack of accident details can make reconstructing the accident and protecting the client’s interest difficult if a lawsuit arises later.

That’s where ATA’s “Back to Basics” approach comes in. We focus on quickly and properly collecting essential accident information:

  • Site documentation/inspections
  • Vehicle inspections/downloads
  • Witness information

Timely and effective collection of evidence that can be preserved and utilized later should litigation occur.

From quick response to the accident site to testifying to the jury on cause factors, our staff and experts are on the job to help clients document, understand, and present the facts. These services can branch out to vehicle, structure, or product testing and analysis, as well as multimedia presentations using various formats to portray the facts in the most effective way possible.

The sequence of services includes the following:

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