Accident Scene Reconstruction

ATA Associates offers expert accident reconstruction and analysis services to attorneys and insurance professionals across the nation. Our team of forensic engineers has conducted investigations and accident reconstructions for a wide range of incidents, including vehicle accidents such as low-speed crashes, front, rear, and side collisions, multi-vehicle pile-ups, tractor-trailer and trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, intersection accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, recreational vehicle accidents (e.g., ATVs), and train and railroad crossing accidents.

ATA’s Quick Response Teams excel in swiftly and efficiently securing comprehensive, accurate, and timely site evidence collection. Our seasoned accident survey teams stand poised for immediate deployment nationwide, armed with the expertise to identify, preserve, and carefully document crucial evidence through the use of vehicle data downloads, geospatial software, video surveillance analysis, high-definition photography, drone video, and more.

Our Expertise Includes:

In addition to our extensive experience in vehicular accidents, our forensic engineers are well-versed in marine/pleasure boating accidents, construction equipment accidents, crane accidents, and forklift accidents. These experts are experienced professionals with a proven ability to simplify complex matters and present them clearly and effectively. They have assessed thousands of vehicular accidents and provided expert witness testimony in hundreds of cases during depositions and in State, Federal, military and international courts.

Furthermore, we have forensic engineers skilled in producing advanced 3D models, animations, graphics, and other demonstratives designed to convey their professional analysis and opinions to judges and juries, whether in the courtroom or during depositions, mediations, or arbitrations.

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