The Expert Newsletter: New June 2024 Edition

Visibility From The Helm

by Bob Swint

The typical recreational boater is more likely to have a collision with another vessel or a fixed object than any other type of boating accident. Collisions are the third most frequent cause of fatalities.

In order to avoid a collision, you have to be able to see out of your boat well enough to be able to make certain judgements…

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Back to Basics – Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction is the process of investigating, analyzing, and coming to conclusions on the causes and events that occurred during a collision.

Accident reconstructionists are a crucial part of a crash investigation. Their testimony allows the opinions of an individual who has specialized knowledge…

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U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Safety Checks

Summer is almost here and we know what that means: time with family and friends on the water! Before you launch your boat, complete a Vessel Safety Check (VSC) with a US Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteer.

A VSC is performed at your boat, either at the dock or on your driveway, and only takes 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of your boat…

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