Commercial Trucking Accident Investigations

Trucking Accident Reconstruction Experts

When commercial trucking accidents occur, the consequences can be devastating. At ATA Associates, we have a proven track record of uncovering the root causes of thousands of trucking incidents, reconstructing scenes with precision and delivering unbiased facts.

Our team consists of experienced analysts and engineers equipped to dissect complex commercial trucking accidents, regardless of the vehicle involved – be it a tractor trailer, box truck, walk-in van, or delivery van. We conduct exhaustive investigations, carefully analyzing dozens of factors like braking dynamics, speed, load weight, and human behavior, to determine compliance with operational protocols.

With ATA Associates by your side, you can navigate the aftermath of a commercial vehicle accident with confidence.

Comprehensive Reporting and Documentation

Our engineers deliver detailed reports, accompanied by advanced 2D/3D animations and demonstrative graphics providing you with a clear and concise understanding of the accident’s sequence of events. Additional information we can obtain from trucks may include data from ECMs. ELDs, and GPS, empowering you to take decisive action and make informed decisions.

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