3D Animation - Multi Vehicle Incident
Video - SUV Stability Tests
Video - Tire Traction Testing
Video - Vehicle Suspension Apparatus

Articles from "The Expert":
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"CDR Recap and Update"
- Black Box data updates & government actions


ATA's concentration on automotive accident investigation, automotive accident reconstruction, and automotive testing and analysis are second only to our heavy trucking activity. Our staff is highly experienced in reconstructing and analyzing all of types of automotive accident combinations, whether involved with heavy trucks, other automobiles, pedestrians, or in single vehicle accidents.

Our experience base also includes light trucks, SUVs and motorcycles.

In the process of performing auto accident analysis, we have become highly experienced in setting up and performing a wide variety of automotive performance tests; as well as in the interpretation of the data collected. In addition to crash tests, we have conducted tests to explore issues of braking, loss of steering effectiveness, transmission operation, ECU failure, fuel control unit failure and electrical system failure modes on automobiles.

As a leader in the area of automotive accident reconstruction services and auto accident analysis, some of the complex issues our staff has addressed include fuel system failures, vehicle fires, seat belts, night visibility, rollovers, electrical system failures, control system failures, seat failures and door lock failures.

We are also expert at retrieving and interpreting CDR "Black Box" data from a variety of vehicles.